GM begins transitioning to a life without gas (or diesel)

America’s biggest automaker has seen the future, and it’s free of gas pumps.

To be sure, General Motors isn’t putting the brakes on internal combustion engines just yet, but it’s preparing for the day when electrics become the norm. The Washington Post reports:

The acceleration to an all-electric future will begin almost immediately, with GM releasing two new electric models next year and an additional 18 by 2023.

At a media event at GM’s technical campus in Warren, Mich., on Monday, Mark Reuss, the company’s chief of global product development, said the transition will take time, but the course has been set.

“General Motors believes in an all-electric future,” Reuss said. “Although that future won’t happen overnight, GM is committed to driving increased usage and acceptance of electric vehicles….”

[O]fficials unveiled three concepts for reporters: “a sporty crossover, a larger wagon or SUV and a tall, boxy pod car that looked like a people-mover for cities.”

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