Drivers want to keep good dogs safe, don’t care so much for fuzzy steering wheel covers

Every time you ask a question of Google (or goddess help you, Bing), your query is tracked. Data nerds sift through that delicious data to spot trends in the marketplace.

Last week, Google issued one of those reports for the auto industry, highlighting the things that U.S., German, and Japanese consumers are and aren’t interested in anymore. Among the losers in America: Bluetooth stereos, custom seat covers, and fuzzy steering wheel covers. Among the risers: car wraps, backup cameras, and accessories for pups. (Not the ones you see on leashes at the Eagle.)

To wit:

When it comes to in-vehicle-related search trends, Americans are putting their pets first. Dog- and pet-related rising search queries are particularly prominent across the top trending lists in the US when compared to the other two markets.

Pets are like family now and people’s search interest reflects that. What opportunities does that unlock for OEMS to better design for a broader definition of family, one that puts pets in the passenger seat?

…While consumers in Germany and Japan are also searching for pet-related vehicle equipment and accessories, the average American was 36X as likely to search than the average person in Germany and 10X as likely than the average person in Japan.

Read more and download the full report here.