Consumer Reports snubs “difficult-to-use” Tesla Model 3

…but surprisingly, Elon Musk didn’t throw a fit about it. Hmmm, I never thought Grimes would be a calming influence.

Strange braking patterns were a major problem during tests, but the Model 3’s in-car controls were nothing to write home about either. Consumer Reports explains:

Another major factor that compromised the Model 3’s road-test score was its controls. This car places almost all its controls and displays on a center touch screen, with no gauges on the dash, and few buttons inside the car.

This layout forces drivers to take multiple steps to accomplish simple tasks. Our testers found that everything from adjusting the mirrors to changing the direction of the airflow from the air-conditioning vents required using the touch screen.

These types of complex interactions with a touch screen can cause driver distraction because each act forces drivers to take their eyes off the road and a hand off the steering wheel.

The Model 3’s stiff ride, unsupportive rear seat and excessive wind noise at highway speeds also hurt its road-test score. In the compact luxury sedan class, most competitors deliver a more comfortable ride and rear seat.