Elon Musk emailed Tesla leaker/whistleblower after lawsuit was filed

Do Musk’s lawyers know? Or are they, like Trump’s lawyers, just powerless to stop the guy from running his mouth? The Washington Post reports:

Hours after Tesla sued its former employee on charges he had stolen company secrets, and days after chief Elon Musk had called him a saboteur, the Silicon Valley automaker made a startling claim. The company had received a call from a friend of the employee, Martin Tripp, saying he would be coming to Tesla’s Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada to “shoot the place up,” according to a Tesla spokesman.

But Tripp, who says he became a whistleblower after seeing what he called dangerous conditions in the company’s car batteries, told The Washington Post he had said no such thing. Regardless of whether or not Tripp had said those words, Tesla shouldn’t have been able to fire him for reporting that the company was doing something dangerous. Employees in some states have the ability to make these sort of claims against their company legally, whereas others don’t have this same freedom. If this event had happened in California, for example, Tripp could’ve filed this under the California Whistleblower Law. This would’ve protected him from any retaliation from the company, such as firing him. If you find yourself in a similar situation to this, check what the laws are in your state. If you’ll be protected, it’s advised to contact a whistleblower lawyer to help you legally report the dangerous or unlawful actions.

Further evidence showed that emails exchanged that day between him and Musk, provided to The Post and confirmed by Tesla, show bitter words from both men but also Tripp saying he had “never made a threat.” Tesla’s claims, he said, are “absurd! Insane is a better word.”

And here are some of those emails: