Elizabeth Archuleta

What Does The Color Of Your Car Say About You, Or, How Pink Is Too Pink?

Mizrahi is GM’s way of coloring the Malibu marketing campaign full-tilt pink. He’s gay. He designs women’s clothing. He’s understands cut, color, form, and texture. And, he’s creating a new clothing line called “Malibu Style.” He’s turning clothes into fashion accessories for your car. After all, who wants to wear clothes that don’t match their car? Ew, that’s so unfabulous! [...]

In Appreciation Of Older Cars

Most people would probably choose to buy a new car every three years or so if they could afford it, but some of us have an appreciation for older cars — much older cars. While I love, love, love them, I know next to nothing about restoration or upkeep, so I always admire them from one lane over or across the street. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I used to ride in a lot of older, beautiful cars, but I was much too young to appreciate them at the time. [...]

What’s Wrong With Retro? The VW Beetle Vs. The Chrysler PT Cruiser

In the July 9 issue of Automotive News, J. Mays declared that retro designs for automobiles have become passé. Why should that matter? Because this announcement comes from the very man who spawned a huge retro trend with his 1998 design for Volkswagen’s New Beetle. The popularity of that design led to other retro-tinged imitations, such as BMW’s MINI Cooper, the Fiat 500, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Dodge Challenger, and many, many more. [...]