Will Cheval Jr.

An Update On The 2011 Ford Edge: Bestselling For A Reason

It’s been a decent two years with a 2011 Ford Edge. I snagged the crossover with a 29-month lease, so my time with the Edge will soon be history. After perusing dealers for a healthy-sized crossover with some goodies, I ended up fancying the Edge. I chose a SEL-trimmed Edge in the no-longer available Blue Ink (which is much nicer than the almost-neon Blue Impact available now), with cream leather and other options found on my dealer’s lot. [...]

2013 Acura RLX Concept: Luxurious, Sporty, And Green

The RL has always had a hard time fitting in. Much like people you might have known in high school. Trying to hang with the popular crowd but always falling short. The current RL is satisfactory, but in a group filled with the latest and greats from Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Infiniti, it’s tough to demand some spotlight. The 2013 RLX-concept is Acura’s latest attempt to fit into the large luxury sedan category. [...]

Four Fantastic Roadtrips For The Last Days Of Summer

With the summer sun slowly setting, it’s time to hit the road before autumn sets in. Who doesn’t love a great drive through winding curves, sandy coasts, or a hilly countryside? Listed are four great road-trips around the country, known for the scenery as much as the drive itself. These are all bucket-list worthy and breathtakingly fantastic, whether in a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a BMW Z4. Take some friends along, or venture on solo. [...]