2008 Audi TT Roadster

Breaking Up? Not So Hard to Do Not when the rewards include Audi’s new TT Roadster, says Gaywheels.com’s Marty Padgett. Your breakup with your last car did not go smoothly. It broke down repeatedly and you indulged its needy mechanical…

Superbowl Auto Ads

Ok, I admit it, I watch the Superbowl for the commercials (and the hot men in tight uniforms!). It wasn’t a blockbuster year for innovative ads but we thought there were a few standouts in the Automotive category. Here are the Gaywheels.com picks of best automotive ads from Superbowl 42 – in no particular order.

A Car for Every Gay Stage

The automobile industry spends millions of dollars researching the average consumer’s needs during various life stages. Depending on our age and position in life, our cars say a lot about us, our desires and the image we wish to project. Of course, we of the homosexual persuasion have a slightly different set of needs and paths than our straight counterparts.

2008 Audi Performance Cars

Audi Served Three Ways by Scott Corlett Infineon Raceway is a blind, hilly, tortuous beast that squats between San Francisco and the Napa Valley, waiting to eat every under-tuned car and over-confident driver that wanders onto its blistering blacktop. So…

Top 10 Commentary

2007 VW Eos

Our Top 10 Most Researched Vehicles article is consistently the most popular article on the site. We are often asked why certain cars made it to the list and while we cannot get inside our users’ heads, we can make educated guesses. With that in mind, we asked our own Joe Tralongo to give his take on the Top 10 Most Researched

2007 Audi A8L

German Executive Express by Joe LaMuraglia Friday, March 16th – I was told that I’d be receiving an Audi A8 for this week’s review. To be honest, I’ve looking forward to it but was simply expecting a larger version of…

2006 Audi A3 2.0T

Our editor and our own CarDiva had the pleasure of driving the 2006 Audi A3 2.0 T with the DSG transmission.  (DSG stands for direct shift gearbox, which is an auto-manual with more manual transmission tendencies without the clutch). Gaywheels.com:…