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Gay Car Clubs

Lambda Car Club

Why a gay car club? Why not a gay bowling league, a gay rodeo, or a gay church? Oh, that’s right … all of those things exist, too! If you’re gay with a specific interest, it’s more rewarding and more fun to hang out with other gay folk who share your interest.

Frank Markus – Journalist

Name: Frank Markus Place of Birth: Chicago, IL Age: 43 Occupation: Automotive Journalist for 15 years, 12 at Car and Driver, three at Motor Trend. I studied engineering in college (BS & MS in mechanical engineering), and helped design Neons,…


Logoplasty – The First Step? - Under the Knife?

Atlanta, GA – Perhaps caught up in all the exciting news of a new model year, change is also in the air at, the web’s only automotive website targeted specifically to the gay marketplace. Rumors are confirmed that the logo has indeed undergone a facelift. After a nip and tuck, you’ll notice the logo is now covered in post-operative surgical gauze and “Jackie-O’s”. What would drive the popular website to undergo a severe logoplasty?

Top 10 Most Researched Vehicles – 3rd Quarter 2006

Posted October 10, 2006 Toyota Yaris Replaces Saturn Sky as Most-Researched The economical Toyota Yaris has knocked the Saturn Sky out of the #1 position on’s latest Most-Researched list. Continuing the quarterly reporting started early this year, our data…

Top 5 Picks from the Paris Auto Show

smart fortwol

Our intrepid reporter, Scott Corlett, took time from his comparative studies of the European gay male to represent at the Paris Auto Show. Here are the top five vehicles relevant to the U.S. market plus one that we are begging to arrive sooner.

Bryan Thompson – Designer

Name: Bryan Thompson Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ Age: 31 Occupation: Car Designer Employer: Nissan Year, Make and Model of your first car/truck: 1971 VW SuperBeetle; It cost $250. I was 12 years old and I paid for it with…

2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Versatile, Smooth and Rugged Seeking Drivers Looking for Fun by Joe LaMuraglia All vehicles are not created to be equal. Each vehicle type – pickup, car, SUV, Crossover etc., has been designed with a specific person in mind. The idea…

2006 VW GTI welcomes the return of Axel Rod to discuss the 2006 VW GTI.  Long awaited on these shores, the new GTI offers performance in a practical package. So, we are discussing the 2006 VW GTI today…  just to get…

2007 VW Eos

Driven by the Wind, Powered by the Sun By Joe Tralongo It’s not hard to understand why Volkswagen chose to name its newest convertible after Eos. As the Greek goddess of the dawn, it was her responsibility to bring daylight…