2007 Chrysler Sebring

SeBRING IT! by Joe LaMuraglia Historically, one of the largest market segments for vehicles in the U.S. has been the mid-size sedan segment. The vehicles that fall into this category are functional sedans that seat 5-6, don’t break the bank…

2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Ever Greener by Scott Corlett Toyota practically pioneered the hybrid movement in the United States. The Prius—Toyota’s high-mileage golden egg—was not only the first hybrid vehicle to gain widespread acceptance among drivers, but it’s now the de rigueur transport to…

2007 Lexus RX350

I think the RX still skews more feminine; but, in the right color, it can have a masculine edge. The car-like driving dynamics, better mileage and hybrid option certainly make the RX more attractive to people who previously may have considered a larger SUV.

Top 5 Autos from the LA Auto Show

2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Your Gaywheels.com reporters suffered the weather, glamor and overall fabulousness of Los Angeles to bring you the 411 on the new cars and trucks introduced by gay-friendly brands at the Los Angeles International Auto show. We did our best not to be distracted by the hot male talent employed to accentuate the vehicles and compiled a Top 5 list of new introductions.

David McCarthy – Corporate Communications

Name: David McCarthy A.K.A. Macca Place of Birth: Warragul, Australia Occupation: Senior Manager, Corporate Communications. I manage internal and external communications for Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, smart, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Freightliner, Sterling and Fuso in Australia Pacific Employer: DaimlerChrysler Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd…

2007 Volvo S80

Practicing Safe Style by Scott Corlett Volvos are long hailed for their reliability, utility, and, above all else, their safety. Stylishness, however, was an adjective rarely applied to these Swedish haulers. Oh sure, Volvo’s signature, big, boxy sheet metal—which perhaps…

Nissan and Infiniti are Gay-Friendly


ATLANTA, GA – Gaywheels.com, the only website designed for the GLBT automotive consumer, has updated its listing of gay-friendly car companies to include two brands previously on its non-gay-friendly list – Nissan and Infiniti. Both brands are sold in the U.S. by Nissan North America (NNA) who recently announced they would be offering domestic partner benefits to all of their U.S. employees.

Joe Husman – Corporate Planning

Name: Joe Husman Place of Birth: Cincinnati, OH Occupation: Corporate Planning Employer: Toyota Motor Sales, USA Year, Make and Model of your first car/truck: 1971 VW Superbeetle, Shantung Yellow, my gay uncle drove it up from Florida and gave it…

2007 Toyota Yaris

Echoes from the ‘70s by Scott Corlett Toyota’s unloved ECHO will be heard no more. For 2007, the cute-as-a-bug Yaris replaces the ECHO as Toyota’s entry-level subcompact offering. Toyota already successfully targets the tiny mover market with its Scion division…