New York Marriage Equality: What It Means When Selling A Car

With gay marriage now legal in my home state of New York, more and more people are planning their perfect day so they can marry their loved one. Whether this means they’re hiring a wedding planner or looking for things like tent rental cincinnati and cake makers by themselves, it’s up to them; but it’s amazing that it’s even possible. I was curious how the new law affects some of the more humdrum aspects of life that straight married couples have taken for granted. After all, life goes on once the wedding is over and the honeymoon has been relegated to a photo archive on Facebook.

This article in The New York Times helps explain how the law changes the tax status of happy gay newlyweds living in the Empire State. The law will even have an impact on how you might sell a car to a loved one.

Sales Tax: Certain family members don’t have to pay sales and use taxes if they sell a car to a relative. So starting on July 24, the sale of motor vehicles between same-sex spouses, or between a same-sex spouse and his or her spouse’s child, are exempt from sales and use taxes, according to the state tax department’s Web site.

Okay, I know, this isn’t as exciting as choosing the flowers for the bouquet – nor is it as amusing as deciding whether your older brother should be best-man or maid-of-honor. And my boyfriend and I can rarely agree which subway line to take most days, much less haggle over the price of a car. Maybe we will go to places similar to a CarBar (More information at to get an easy quote because all of this is confusing.

But if we’ve fought this hard for equality, a quick review of the tax code is probably the least we can do.

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