News Bits: Buying A Car On Twitter, Rimac Brings Its High-Tech Ride Indoors

We’ve got a long, work-filled weekend ahead of us, full of code and comparison drives. (Oh, the things we do for our readers). But before we dive headlong into all that, here are a couple of news items we thought you might find interesting:

• Twitter is great for many things — sharing status updates, facilitating meet-ups, posting funny pictures of cats. But one man in Madison, Wisconsin decided to try buying a car with it. It’s an interesting experiment, but, well, is it just us, or does the shopper come off like a bit of a jerk? And if he really wanted local dealerships to fight for his business, why didn’t he just use CarWoo?

• Remember the Rimac Concept One electric supercar and Zach’s interview with designer Mate Rimac? If you can’t swing the car, maybe you should consider the Vilner Concept One home audio system it inspired. No word on availability yet, but to judge by Vilner’s Facebook page, it may beat the Concept One to market — and it’ll probably be a few bucks cheaper, too. [via Cnet]

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