2017 Toyota Prius Prime: This is the car of the 21st century

The future has arrived, and there are no knobs or dials.

This car has no easy-to-grab or easy-to-twist buttons or dials. All car functions require just a light touch of the finger, which means that you must have a light touch.  Or the right touch. If you want to change from FM radio to your iPhone playlist, you must find the right section of the screen to touch and press.  Are you too hot ta trot? Changing the temperature and direction is easy if you have the right touch. If not, it would be best to pull over and let your nephew or your grandchildren figure it out for you.

Also, keep in mind that this is an electric car.  You will need to plug it in overnight to truly make a go of it.  Well, you don’t have to plug it in.  You can let it run on gas alone.  But what would be the point of having a gasoline/hybrid/electric car unless you visited a wall outlet once in a while? A regular wall outlet can get your Prius Prime all juiced up in 5 ½ hours. You can do it on the street or in a parking lot with spaces for electric car recharging. I’ll admit, I can’t be bothered unless I can recharge it overnight in my own garage. Thus, you need a garage, IMHO. I’m just saying…

If it sounds like I am being a cranky old fart who can’t let go of my buggy whip and horseless carriage, well, that may be the case.  Honestly, I like the Toyota Prius Prime.  This really is the car of the future, or at least the immediate future.  Not everyone has the garage or the ability to maintain an electric car, but having a gas-only vehicle just seems so 20th century. A true triple-play of gas, voltage and juice like the Prius Prime is how I think cars will be going by the year 2020 and beyond, for a while anyway. They make sense economically and ECO-nominally. The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is the ideal 21st century hipster friend-of-the-earth car. But I’m still not completely sold on electric cars. You have to charge it for up to six hours, but how do you keep track of how much oomph you left?

I suppose it’s not all that big a deal, but wow, I am truly the wrong demographic for this car.  And yet, I enjoyed it and had fun with it.  I really liked the nearly footlong navigation screen that’s standard in the top-tier Advanced trim (and mid-level Premium trim) because it is big and bold and beautiful. Just take a look at this big center screen, which really is a tablet.  Again, the Toyota Prius Prime is the car of the future, because now even your car has a work tablet. There is so much that is modern and fancy and way cool about this car. For me, it really is the cat’s pajamas for new cats and hepcats.

Estimates for gasoline-only are 54 mpg. Prices will vary but it’s possible to get into the Prius Prime for under $30K. Driving was good, especially in the city where the constant braking regenerates the battery. There is a lot to be said for this car. I realize I just may not be the best person to say it.

Well, it’s time to take my laxative, put on a clean hospital gown and watch reruns of Matlock and Murder, She Wrote.

Hey, I’m grateful to still be roaming the planet….