2021 Toyota Sienna: A Good Modern Family Van

So it’s time to officially retire the term ‘Mom Van’.

The term was sexist as best, as if mothers were the only ones who drove one, and as though all the responsibility for taking care of children and all that comprise a family fell to them, which it often does. Sure, in the writing biz we look for catchy phrases to catch your eye, but perhaps we should be a bit more… sensitive.

In today’s modern 21st Century family, and especially in LGTBQIA++ families, it is assumed that all parent(s) take on an equal amount of the workload. True, each person may not take on an equal amount of the car payment.  Can’t help you there……

But consider the 2021 Toyota Sienna, always a favorite when you have responsibilities, and you need a reliable cargo / people hauler that won’t let you down.  The base LE trim starts at $34,460 US and offers a combined average mpg of 36. That’s great IMHO.

The windows are nice and big on the 2021 Sienna, and on a minivan, I can’t tell you how wonderful that is.  Sometimes you really do feel like you are driving a crosstown bus, and other drivers will treat you like it. With the big, full windows, you can see everything around you.  The surround-view cameras are optional (yes, they should be standard) and those will make your job as the world’s best parent even easier.

If you have gone up a few waist sizes since you said ‘I Do’ and welcomed The Stork with your bundle(s) of joy (hey, just tellin’ it like it is), you will really like the fact that with the 2021 Sienna, you can get in and out of the vehicle with a lot of ease.  Of course, we here at gaywheels.com encourage you to keep using your Peloton or fitness membership or whatever gets you going daily. But, yeah, well, some days that just doesn’t happen. We understand.

At the base LE trim, you get power sliding doors (a must-have), a power-adjustable driver’s seat, seven (count ‘em) USB ports, a nine-inch touchscreen, six-speaker audio, second-row sunshades, three-zone automatic climate control and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. And a few other niceties.

Standard safety features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, automatic high beams and forward-collision mitigation.

More items are available as you go up the trim levels.

But once again, my usual warning: this car buying season is like no other. New cars, used cars and all cars are in short supply.  And the ones you do find – be prepared for sticker shock.

There is still a chip shortage, which means there is a car shortage.  There are truly no deals to be had (well, I haven’t heard of any).

So don’t get discouraged.  Do your homework.  Stay vigilant.

And enjoy life.  Seriously.

If you don’t enjoy your life, who else will?