Brand-New 2022 Genesis GV70: The New Compact-Luxury Car on the lot

When the Genesis GV70 showed up for me to test drive, my neighbors dialed me up for a ride. Clearly, the popularity of the brand is very much alive, as if the first ones are still being minted as I type.

Genesis is the new kid on the lot, and the GV70 is the long-awaited compact-luxury vehicle that they promised to deliver this year. And the verdict is…… it’s very nice!

Starting at $41,500 US for the 2.5T base trim, the GV70 is, you might guess, the G70 (a sedan), only as an SUV. The concept here was to take the popularity of the G70 sedan model, use the same platform and give it platform (or elevator) shoes, if you will.

It’s a sharp looking car, to be sure.  The concept of compact luxury has always escaped me, I will admit, but it’s wildly popular with consumers, and the GV70 is a great example of how well it can come to life.  Just looking at the car – the swooping roof, the glamorous doors, the engine hood and grille that don’t even wink at you but just smile at you – it’s very seductive, yes.

The GV70 SUV has decent cargo space and interior space for passengers. Almost 29 cubic square feet with the backseats up and almost 57 cubic feet when you put the backseats down. For families, or people who just need room and space wherever they go, this model makes sense, though room for backseat passengers can be a bit pinched because of the sloping roofline.

The technology on the GV70, as with all Genesis cars, is very advanced, and is something you’ll want to study.  Voice commands can make your drive easier.  Setting up your phone and other devices before your leave the lot will help as well.  It’s all there.  Be sure to take your time with it.

Genesis had the goal of taking on the other luxury big boys and their fur coats, and to date, they seem to have succeeded.  Many other car reviewers really like the GV70 and feel it has done just about everything right, and as with any car, there are always a few things that could be improved. I’m not exactly a Size 6, so if you are a person of size (my term), well, something to consider…..

As always, do your research.  And make sure you can afford it.

The bottom line here, in summation, may be that if you want pep and agility, the GV70 is your pick of the litter.  If you need more room, pick the one with more girth and go for the GV80.  Yes, that may be oversimplifying things a bit……

As we enter a new phase of the economy (aren’t we always in a new phase?), it is really tough to say where cars and the car market will go.  So it’s even more important that you decide what’s best for you family.

As Willie Nelson sang many, many moons ago (originally sung by Lefty Frizzell, to be exact), If You’ve Got the Money, Honey … this is worthy your consideration.  And your family’s consideration, but, heck, it’s your money…..