Mazda Reviews

We Let The Dog Decide: 2014 Honda Civic EX-L Vs. 2014 Mazda3i Grand Touring

When the 2012 Honda Civic was first released it was raked over the coals for uncharacteristically subpar driving dynamics,interior quality and the continued use of a five-speed automatic which apparently was outlawed during the time of Moses. Fast forward to last year and Honda gave every journalist human and canine who complained a serious smack down by improving the interior quality to best in class, bettering the ride, lowering road noise and improving the steering and handling feel. Frankly, we thought Honda perfected the Civic in 2013 but this year the company made yet more changes. [...]

2014 Mazda6 iSport Sedan Is Practical, Fun, Sexy, And Affordable? Are They Insane?

When you road-test new cars for a living you start to notice that most automakers send journalists test models that are loaded to the gills with every available feature, gizmo, and gadget. It’s rare to find a brand confident enough in the quality of its product to let it stand up purely on the merit of how well it drives. Many cars try to win you over with things like value, grins per mile, and a bit of exterior style — which never hurts. Luckily, the 2014 Mazda6 has all these attributes in spades — and what’s under the hood ain’t so bad, either. [...]