7 Tips For Buying A Great Used Car

The most important purchases you’ll ever make are likely to involve a roof or wheels. Here are seven helpful tips to make you a pro at one of those:

6 Tips For A Stress-Free Road Trip With Your Special Someone

Last week at FamilyCarGuide.com, I posted some suggestions for planning a perfect vacation with your pet. That was based on experiences my partner and I had over the course of a long road trip from our home in New Orleans…

Car Shopping with Your Partner

Two heads are better than one. When approaching the car buying experience we suggest a few strategies when going to the dealership with your partner. Car buying advocate, Anne Fleming Women-Drivers.com suggests it really works for you to have your partner join you. After all, they can add support – a second opinion, or be the better voice of reason – a reminder that you that you don’t necessarily need the $3,500 upgrade package.

Car Buying Tips


As the resident gay car geeks, we often get questions from friends, family and even strangers about the car buying process. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few steps to make the process easier and of course, more gay friendly!