Casey Williams

2013 Dodge Charger Flexes Its Gay Muscle

One of my favorite shows this summer was “In the Big House” on LOGO. In one scene, former mobster “Big Lou” tries to give his gay son, Luis, advice on building muscle mass. Luis points to his ripped abs and asks his dad what he’s talking about. His dad counters, “Yeah, but it’s gay muscle”. Point being, there’s powerful-beat-up-the schmuck-you’re-intimidating muscle and then there’s hey-I’m-sexy-and-pretty muscle. Both are hot, but the latter will get you in a lot less trouble. (Well, usually.) [...]

2013 Scion iQ: World’s Smallest “Four-Seater”?

Scion calls its tiny iQ “the world’s smallest four-seater”, which is like calling a tent with a zipper porch “the world’s smallest mansion”. It’s a stretch for a car that is so shrunken. The back seat is more like a padded shelf, barely large enough for an elf and his iPad. But unlike the iQ’s closest competitor, the Smart fortwo, there’s at least a backseat — and a lot more. [...]

2013 Ford Escape: Smart And Stylish

With the 2013 model, the Ford Escape has been reborn. Gone is the “two boxes on wheels” profile of the original Escape and replaced by a sleek multi-faceted design influenced by suave silhouettes, like those of the Focus and Fiesta, with a hint of Explorer in the wrap-around taillamps. Ford claims the new model is 10% more aerodynamic. I’d say, at least. [...]

2013 Chevrolet Spark: A Better Micro?

Americans used to look at micro cars and fantasize about flicking them off the roadways with full-size SUVs or V8-powered muscle cars. Then, gas trucked past $4 a gallon, and we began to think, “Gee, I really don’t need 5,000 pounds of steel and gas-sucking family bus to get to work.” The Smart fortwo, Fiat 500, and Scion iQ soon appeared on U.S. shores. Now, Chevrolet thinks there might be room for an even better micro. [...]

2013 Lexus GS 350: Responsible Decadence

Lexus has always been about restrained decadence. It’s the luxury brand for those who want cocoons of excellence without the ostentatious flare of American and German marques. But like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady or the clueless bros on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, if you dress a Lexus in a new grille, slap on some alloys, and wire in LED taillamps, you get a hottie worth taking home. Re-designed for 2013, the Lexus GS rolls into its new skin. [...]

2013 Infiniti JX35 AWD: Ultimately Adoptable

My partner and I are trying to adopt a baby. It was a big decision, fraught with more decisions. One of the biggest will be, “What to drive?” We need a family-friendly ride that won’t diminish our style cards. Occasionally, we may want to take grandparents, aunts, or cousins to the park with us. And, if our tykes park their trikes in the driveway, our car must be ready for that too. I think the Infiniti JX35 can handle it [...]

2012 Nissan Juke SV: Defying Boredom

What the hell is a Juke? It’s jacked up like a crossover, but it doesn’t look much like a crossover. My neighbor tried to get his 50-something self into the rear seat and nearly required three young men to yank him back out. You could forgive the rear seat if it was a sport coupe, which it definitely is not. It is, however, a whole box of funky coolness. Throw in a quarter, kick the big pedal, and go for a spin. [...]