'588-Verbenas on the Desert' by Phil Jung, featured at 20x200.com

News Bits: GM & The GLAAD Awards, Cars Vs. Politics, And Awesome Auto-Themed Art

It’s that time again: time to say “so long” to another wearisome work week and dust off our list of household chores, which we will totally take care of this weekend. Unlike last weekend. Promise.

Rita Hayworth's 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Ghia Coupe (photo by Brett Berk)

NASCAR Sponsors Love The LGBTs, Rita Hayworth’s Cool Cadillac, And How Many Drag Queens Fit In A Scion iQ?

It’s Friday, which means (a) we’re heading out for a three-margarita lunch, and (b) before we do that, we need to unload the handful auto-related links we’ve been hoarding. See you at the bar!

Conservative GOP Lawmakers In Indiana Find Another Way To Revoke LGBT License Plates

According to Bilerico, the Indiana Youth Group granted a few low-number plates to its major donors, which violated the contract that the group signed with the BMV. The BMV’s former communications director, Graig Lubsen, says that “traditionally, the BMV has allowed group to give out low-numbered plates as thank-you gifts to donor”. However, such activity is technically illegal and was grounds to cancel the contract, thus ending the sale of the group’s plate.

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Given Hyundai’s lack of protections for LGBT employees, we face a dilemma: (a) can we be truly fair in our assessment of Hyundai rides, and (b) should we encourage LGBT readers to support a company with workplace policies that lag behind nearly all of America’s major corporations?

News Bits: Christopher Meloni Lays Down Rubber For Charity, Indiana LGBT Plates Still In Trouble (UPDATED)

It’s been a quiet week here at Gaywheels, with many of our automotive acquaintances stuck at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show. (Life’s rough sometimes.) Still, we found a couple of tasty news nuggets for car nuts. Savor them as you count down the minutes until Miller Time — or cosmo time, if that’s your thing:

Representative Ed Soliday’s Attempt To 86 Indiana’s LGBT License Plates Is On Hold

Remember when we told you that Indiana was adding an LGBT-friendly license plate to its roster of specialty plates? Well, that didn’t sit to well with conservative lawmakers in Indianapolis. In fact, Republican Ed Soliday of Valparaiso was so sickened by the idea of tolerance and harmony that he introduced a bill to nix specialty plates altogether.

Share Your First Car Story With Subaru And Friends

If you’ve got a little time to kill this Thursday, and you’ve already slogged through the endless array of “Sh*it People Say” videos and Angelina Jolie legbombing pics, maybe you should pay a visit to FirstCarStory.com.

It’s A Good Time To Be An LGBT American

The past couple of weeks have been slow on the car news front but great for LGBT Americans.

We scored marriage-equality victories in Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington, and when Chris Christie vetoed that New Jersey bill, he was roundly, soundly booed for being on the wrong side of history (as we now say). What’s more, if the recent Prop 8 verdict stands, it would seem that once couples begin marrying in Maryland and Washington, there’ll be no going back.

News Bits: Stupidity Doesn’t Fully Explain Homophobia Or Victoria Jackson

It’s Friday, and Gaywheels’ New Orleans office is preparing for a long weekend of Carnival balls, parades, and beads (as well as some inclement weather and the inevitable assortment of homophobic bible-thumpers telling all the gays that we’re doomed). But…

How To Buy A Car From A Company That Hates You

Last week, we told you about the sad state of Hyundai, Kia, Porsche, and Suzuki. We told you about how they refuse to offer workplace protections to their LGBT employees. We told you about how they avoid answering our questions, like, “When will your employment policies catch up to the rest of us in the 21st century?”