2011 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

By Casey Williams From the available red-and-white-striped seats to the wind it puts in your face, the 2011 Ford Mustang GT Convertible is like a big kid’s Schwinn Stingray. I had one in yellow and red when I turned five….

smart BRABUS: Spicy Collegiate Timbit

By Casey Williams Two of my favorite places to visit in New Haven, Connecticut are Claire’s Corner Copia at Yale and the Canadian-import known as Tim Hortons doughnut shop. I love Claire’s vegan salad with soy chipotle chicken, avocado, organic…

Subaru Owners: Wear Your LGBT Pride On Your (Car’s) Behind

Thumbnail image for Subaru-badges.jpgTime and again, Subaru has proven itself one of the most LGBT-friendly brands on the market, and you guys clearly know it. Unfortunately, that knowledge hasn’t always translated into sales of Outbacks, Foresters, and the like: Gaywheels readers do consider an automaker’s record on LGBT issues when cruising the car lots, but that doesn’t mean that it’s their top purchasing criteria.

Now, Subaru has launched a new campaign that aims to fix that — at least in part. Taking a page from Foursquare and Gowalla (which took pages from the Boy Scouts, the Brownies, and class rings), Subaru is not offering badges for owners. The badges come in two parts: one that tells the world how many Subarus you’ve owned (e.g. “This is my 4th Subaru!”) and another that says a bit more about your personal interests.

The Dangers Of Five-Inch Pumps And New Car Launches

katy-perry.jpg When Katy Perry first entered the national consciousness, it was mostly because of (a) her semi-provocative song about kissing another girl, and (b) the thumping bassline that accompanied it. I say “semi-provocative” because the lyrics of “I Kissed a Girl” read like a college freshman’s “I was sooooo drunk” story. You know: it was an exciting roller coaster ride, but she’s not getting back on it anytime soon. Nevertheless, many in the LGBT community thought they’d found a friend in Perry, whether or not she was 100% serious about the girl-on-girl.

Ford F250: All Hat, All Cattle

By Casey Williams There’s a saying in Texas about a cowboy being “all hat and no cattle”. You see them all over – driving their pickup trucks and SUVs to collect the kiddies at dance class or pulling a lone…

Today In Staycations: Watch Bonnaroo Live, Courtesy Of The Ford Fiesta

Thumbnail image for Bonnaroo-YouTube-FordFiesta-screencap.jpg If you’re a music fan, you probably know all about the Bonnaroo music and arts festival. But what you may not know is that Ford is sponsoring a live video feed direct from the event, starting today at 12:15 CST and running through Sunday evening.

It’s part of Ford’s massive marketing campaign for the brand-spankin’ new 2011 Ford Fiesta, and it’s a fairly brilliant idea. Music fans get free concerts, Bonnaroo gets future visitors, and the Fiesta gets loads of visibility among the young, hip demographic it’s meant to reach. True, Bonnaroo probably skews a little older than other music fests, but we’d wager that it’s still within the Fiesta’s ballpark.

Betty White, The Parakeet, And Me

wheels-Betty-White.jpg A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to a New York Times article called “Betty White and a Cadillac called ‘Parakeet'”.
It was the story of Betty’s beloved Seamist Green 1977 Seville, which she called “Parakeet”. The car had been given to her as a surprise gift by her late husband Allen
Ludden. It was intact and original, with just over 18,000 miles, and it had
been donated to the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA by its owner in Texas.
Years earlier, Betty herself had donated the car to the
Humane Society when she decided she could no longer care for it
appropriately. And I am the missing link.

1955 Ford Thunderbird: Named For A Country Club

Thumbnail image for 1955FordThunderbird.jpg One of the most famous cars of the 1950s was the Ford Thunderbird. A low, stylish two-seater V8, with creature comforts like power windows and automatic transmission, it wasn’t a sports car in the European tradition, but rather an American interpretation — and it has a strong connection to the desert paradise knows as Palm Springs.

Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California opened in January of 1951 to a swarm of publicity. It was the first golf course in the valley and one of the first anywhere to be surrounded by home sites. It was an instant celebrity hangout, and within a year all of the home sites were sold, many to celebrities of the day….

Datsun’s B210 Honey Bee: All Bee And No Honey

Thumbnail image for datsun-b210-honeybee.jpg Special-edition cars were all the rage in the 1970s, with many successful entries like the Continental Designer’s Series, the Pierre Cardin Javelin, the Spirit of America Chevrolets, Levis’ Edition Gremlins, and even a special-edition Chevette Sandpiper. Most featured unique color combinations, interiors, and extras that commanded a premium over the base version, and they were often eagerly snapped up by a motoring public hungry for some visual distinction.

Mercury Brand Flies Into Olds-blivion

Thumbnail image for 1960_Mercury_Colony_Park_Country_Cruiser.jpg First it was Plymouth, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac, and now another iconic American auto brand is about to bite the dust. Ford announced today its board of directors has voted to kill off Mercury, halting production by year’s end. Once the middle child between Ford and Lincoln, Mercury cars sold by the hundreds of thousands, spanning a 72-year history that brought us such classics as the Cougar, the Montclair, the Comet, the Monterey, the Marauder and the Grand Marquis. Who among us (over 40) doesn’t remember envying those kids lucky enough to ride in the back of a Mercury Colony Park station wagon, complete with side-facing third row seats and a magnetic checker board table to help wallow away the hours? Farewell, oh winged messenger, you will be missed.