That’s So Very Gay: 2014 Fiat 500L Is The Gayest Car of the Year

With all the powder invested in me (pun intended) by the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, I hereby proclaim the Fiat 500L as The Gayest Car of 2014. What power did ICRME (Eye Cream for short) grant me?…

The 2014 Fiat 500 Abarth Convertible Mixes Hot-Hatch Thrills With Open-Air Fun

There is something inherently magical about the 2014 Fiat 500 Abarth convertible (500C in Fiat speak) and pinpointing the origin of that specialness is not all that hard to do. All a driver has to do is press the button to make the cloth roof slide backwards opening up the cabin to the blue skies and sunshine overhead followed by pressing a red button on the dash marked “Sport.” Then, when he or she turns the key they will be treated to one of the most sonorously delightful and wickedly loud engine note this side of a Ferrari. Without having driven a mile, you will know that this is one badass car.

Fiat 500L Adds Portals Without Losing Its Sexy Italian Flair

While the styling seems to mimic the Mini Countryman, the 500L is obviously from the Fiat family, given its big round headlamps, stubby nose, and rounded taillamps. Designers make a big deal about the car’s nearly 360-degree visibility, made possible by wide expanses of glass. Most trim levels exhibit a clean Italian aesthetic, but the Trekking model was given the mini-SUV treatment for American sensibilities.

The Fiat 500L Comes To America — But Will It Make You Coffee?

When the Fiat 500L debuted in Italy, it caused quite a stir — literally. That’s because it came with an optional coffee machine. And not just any coffee machine: it’s made by Lavazza, the Italian king of coffee. (Check out the video above for proof!) That perk costs about 2.500KN, or roughly $430. To some that will sound ridiculous and unnecessary, but it’s all marketing, and to me, it seems fairly smart and cool.

Italian Fiat 500 Comes To America

Life was pretty boring at Chrysler dealers after the retro-cool PT Cruiser hit the skids. If you wanted a compact car, well, good luck. There were none to be had, at least in Chrysler showrooms.

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