Ford Reviews

2015 Ford Mustang Is Stellar, Baby!

Ford Mustang loyalists have been salivating for a full year, ever since execs spilled the tea that the iconic pony would get a facelift that even Joan Rivers would envy. Ford has had to tread carefully, though, in conjuring up its new, fierce design: it dare not ruffle the feathers of longtime Mustang lovers by un-buffing their beloved muscle car. The stallions under the hood of the Mustang, after all, couldn’t be replaced by mere mares! Designers also had to create eye-candy that looked modern and sexy enough to make Chevy Camaro enthusiasts turn their heads in the Mustang’s direction. And the next-gen vehicle had to be more fuel-efficient to boot. [...]

An Update On The 2011 Ford Edge: Bestselling For A Reason

It’s been a decent two years with a 2011 Ford Edge. I snagged the crossover with a 29-month lease, so my time with the Edge will soon be history. After perusing dealers for a healthy-sized crossover with some goodies, I ended up fancying the Edge. I chose a SEL-trimmed Edge in the no-longer available Blue Ink (which is much nicer than the almost-neon Blue Impact available now), with cream leather and other options found on my dealer’s lot. [...]

2013 Ford Fusion Is A Mix Of Mother America & Father Europe

Ford’s new mid-size Fusion is an odd mix of Mother America and Father Europe. That’s in direct contrast to the last-generation Fusion that was essentially a Japanese Mazda6 underneath. There was precision to its moves that was wholly in line with its underpinnings. It was especially nice as a hybrid. Only one problem: except for its brash, flashy chrome grille, its design was B-O-R-I-N-G. [...]

2013 Ford Taurus Gets A Boost In Street Cred

It’s difficult to over-state how dramatically different the aerodynamically-tuned Taurus was upon its 1986 debut. I remember seeing the television commercials and sitting up with a gasp. It defined futuristic and still cuts a swath a quarter-century later. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation would not have split as many sides without it — either hauling that Christmas Sequoia or flying through a snow bank. [...]