Ford Reviews

2013 Ford Escape: Smart And Stylish

With the 2013 model, the Ford Escape has been reborn. Gone is the “two boxes on wheels” profile of the original Escape and replaced by a sleek multi-faceted design influenced by suave silhouettes, like those of the Focus and Fiesta, with a hint of Explorer in the wrap-around taillamps. Ford claims the new model is 10% more aerodynamic. I’d say, at least. [...]

Ford’s New Police Fleet Closes The Books On The Crown Victoria

I’m gunning it out of corners and dodging construction cones in Queens, New York, when I realize this is the first, and hopefully last, time I’ll spend with Ford’s brand new range of Police Interceptors. After decades of loyal service, the Crown Victoria sedan, a staple of police forces and taxicab fleets around the country, is headed for a long-overdue retirement. Its two-pronged replacements are based on either the Ford Explorer SUV, or the Taurus sedan. To prove the merits of both models, Ford invited journalists to CitiField, home of the New York Mets, to simulate hot pursuits in several coned course layouts in the stadium’s parking lot. [...]