Big River Beach, Mendocino, California

Fantasy Road Trip: San Francisco To Portland, Taking The Scenic Route, Day 1

Technically speaking, those of us in the northern hemisphere still have a few weeks of spring to enjoy. But to me — and I don’t know whether to blame global warming, cabin fever, or the release of Mad Max: Fury…

Get Your Cruise On: Tips for Summer Road-Tripping

Baby, the heat is on and poppin’! Summer is down the street and around the corner, and you and your boo are salivating over what hot spot to hit this summer. Your credit card limits have seen better days, so flying is just a fantasy. Road-tripping is the next best thing and the cheapest way to go, but first you’ve got to make sure ‘Miss Betsy” isn’t on her last wheel.

Should You Drive Or Fly? A Quick And Easy Cost-Benefit Analysis

Is driving cheaper than flying? Once you add up the costs, the savings may not materialize, but your headache might.

Four Fantastic Roadtrips For The Last Days Of Summer

With the summer sun slowly setting, it’s time to hit the road before autumn sets in. Who doesn’t love a great drive through winding curves, sandy coasts, or a hilly countryside? Listed are four great road-trips around the country, known for the scenery as much as the drive itself. These are all bucket-list worthy and breathtakingly fantastic, whether in a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a BMW Z4. Take some friends along, or venture on solo.

Planning A Last-Minute Holiday Road Trip? Expedia Can Help

Thumbnail image for expedia-lgbt.jpg Thankfully, things have shifted: your Friday meeting has suddenly been canceled, or the dog-sitter called to say she’s got an opening in her schedule, or your partner just came home with a sparkling, new grand tourer, and he’s got “road trip” in his eyes. So now, it looks like you’ll be able to take a quick Memorial Day vacation after all. But where to turn for advice? Try Expedia.