Casey Williams

2013 Volkswagen Golf R Is A Po’ ‘Mo’s Porsche

My former boss, who is still afflicted with a Saab 900 Turbo he purchased new in ’87, came to my office looking for the keys to the Golf R I was driving. Apparently, it’s on his short list of new cars. He’s also a fan of the Audi A5, BMW 3-Series coupe, and various Porsches. The fact that somebody who understands serious German pedigree puts the R on his list tells you a lot about the R. Think of it as a po’ ‘mo’s Porsche. [...]

2013 Ford Taurus Gets A Boost In Street Cred

It’s difficult to over-state how dramatically different the aerodynamically-tuned Taurus was upon its 1986 debut. I remember seeing the television commercials and sitting up with a gasp. It defined futuristic and still cuts a swath a quarter-century later. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation would not have split as many sides without it — either hauling that Christmas Sequoia or flying through a snow bank. [...]

2013 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Is Hot Enough To Fight Off The Winter Blues

I like autumn, but the 40-degree weather that signals the coming of winter and froze my sweet ass off at a recent football game, not so much. So, I said “eff-it” and hopped a plane to L.A., where winter is a concept locals only hear about on cable news. I figured a Mercedes C63 AMG would warm the chill, so I threw it down the Pacific Coast Highway to see if it would grip the curves or become a V8-powered cigarette boat. [...]