Working The Experience at The 2018 MAMA Fall Rally

Some of us are lucky to be a part of activities that benefit our work. These activities may range from media preview drives, world premieres of future vehicles, auto show press days, and media association events. They require some travel,…

Scratching The Surface of Kansas City

Quick – name the most prominent city located closest to the center of the country – meaning the core 48 states of the union? This is a city that has a metropolitan area spilling into two states. Omaha is one…

Audi Goes Fully Electric With The New e-tron

Audi just threw its hat into the electric vehicle ring – and this one could send shockwaves across the marketplace. The unveiling of the e-Tron crossover/SUV in San Francisco signals a new chapter for the company’s electrification strategy. Audi’s entry…

The Warmest Welcome in America? The Twin Cities!

When it comes to LGBT-friendly cities in the U.S.A., which ones come to mind? There are the usual destinations that come to mind, such as New York City and San Francisco. South Florida, Palm Springs, Chicago…the list goes on. If…

In Search of the Big Gay Dealership

Is it tough to find an auto dealership that wants to work with us? For the example, my significant other, Jason, needed to replace his aging Mercury Mystique with a newer vehicle. He asked me to help him find a…

Twin Cities Pride Parade Adventure

How should I tell this story? Twin Cities Pride’s annual Ashley Rukes Parade happened over the summer. Prompted by a crazy idea from a friend of mine, I wound up riding along the parade route. It was not what I had planned to do after my original task, but…well, I better give you some background.

Minnesota Motorists Speak Out (Again!) For Marriage Equality

Richard Herod is at it again. Last fall, he received a notice from his townhome association in Woodbury, Minnesota, insisting that he remove the anti-marriage amendment sign from the yard in front of his house. (At the time, Minnesota was preparing to vote on that amendment; if passed, it would’ve enshrined homophobia in the state constitution by denying gay and lesbian couples the right to marry.)

2014 Jeep Cherokee Is Divisive, If Nothing Else

We’re very opinionated when it comes to certain things — automobiles, for example. Some folks are so passionate about a particular brand that their personal relationships are based solely on the makes and models that they — and their friends — drive.

ENDA: Food For Thought This Election Season

There’s a lot at stake this Tuesday.

Not only will Americans choose whether or not to re-elect President Barack Obama, but also in four states — Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington — voters will either stall progress toward marriage equality or permanently codify it as the rule of law. Add to that the potential repeal of DOMA (which would be great) and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (which wouldn’t), and you’ll see that the many LGBT civil rights wins we’ve achieved over the past four years are now on the line.

In Minnesota, The Marriage Equality Message Outgrows Everyday Bumper Stickers

In Minnesota, Richard Herod III has taken the “Vote No” message off of the rear bumper and made it larger than life. Herod’s idea began as a response to a rule imposed against him – right at his home.