ENDA: Food For Thought This Election Season

There’s a lot at stake this Tuesday.

Not only will Americans choose whether or not to re-elect President Barack Obama, but also in four states — Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington — voters will either stall progress toward marriage equality or permanently codify it as the rule of law. Add to that the potential repeal of DOMA (which would be great) and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (which wouldn’t), and you’ll see that the many LGBT civil rights wins we’ve achieved over the past four years are now on the line.

In Minnesota, The Marriage Equality Message Outgrows Everyday Bumper Stickers

In Minnesota, Richard Herod III has taken the “Vote No” message off of the rear bumper and made it larger than life. Herod’s idea began as a response to a rule imposed against him – right at his home.

Spreading The Message Of Equality, One Bumper Sticker At A Time

As motorists, we have a tendency to individualize our rides. It’s the American way.

Our nation is one of the few countries where our vehicles are personalized with stickers, cling placards, and badges. Through these identifying marks, we advertise our educational history, faith, favorite sports team, sense of humor, and politics.