2013 Models Are Still On The Lot: Time To Go Shopping

Why pay for a new 2014 when you may still find some great new 2013 models at your local dealer? Here are some thoughts for your gay experience as you contemplate a set of wheels that really says “We’re here,…

2013 Toyota RAV4: That’s So Gay, But Watch Your Head

In the movie Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, our heroine walks underneath a movie marquee and one of the letters falls and hits her. When asked “how’s your head?” she responds “no one has ever complained.

That’s So Gay: The 2014 Lexus IS Is Trendy & Fabulous

If you want to reach the LGBT market, Lady Gaga (or a close facsimile) is a good place to start.

Where Should Car Makers Put Their LBGT Ad Dollars? Big Bang, Vikings

But since there aren’t any totally gay scripted shows on mainstream TV (even LOGO), where should automobile manufacturers go if they want to reach around the hetero market for the Big Gay Prize?

Music For Your New Car Should Include A Drag Queen, A Gay Hunk, And Gaga

For a moment last summer, as I downloaded the latest Cher song that had not yet been officially released, I felt my gay magic was back.

That’s So Gay: 2013 Ram 1500 Gets One Big ‘Woof!’

In our continuing effort to take back the phrase “That’s So Gay”, Gaywheels is proud to tell you about one of the gayest trucks out there: the Ram 1500. (Remember folks: gay is a good thing.)

That’s So Gay: 2013 Lexus RX350

2013 is proving to be the year of the LGBT. The U.S Supreme Court can’t stop talking about us, and neither can liberal Washington or intolerant Washington. Everywhere you look, there are “known homosexuals”, as the more flamboyant of us were called generations ago. Heck, we even have an openly gay NBA player to look up to (literally, at seven feet). Indeed, we are the new ‘it’ girl of the post-Law and Order generation.

Auto Erotica: 5 Tips For Folks Who Insist On Mating & Motoring

Last month, we published a few common-sense tips for people who like to drive naked. To me, it was almost a throwaway piece. I mean, let’s face it: driving naked isn’t skydiving. It doesn’t require much preparation or research. But the next thing we knew, the story had been picked up and passed around like a well-endowed, badonka-donked hustler on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The 2013 Ford Fusion Is So Good You Can Eat It? Lettuce Explain

Soybeans, wheat straw, coconuts, and dandelion greens make for an interesting salad. They’re also key ingredients in one of the most outstanding cars of the year, the 2013 Ford Fusion. For those who truly want a green car, this baby more than qualifies.

2013 Mazda CX-5 Pounces Like A Cheetah

Back when The Love Boat sailed the Seven Seas with a heavenly host of Charlie’s Angels, you could get a good small car for about $5,000. As we entered the gay 90s with Hillary and Bill Clinton, the size of our cars increased, and starting prices doubled to about $10,000. Now, in the day of sequestration and Inauguration Day lip-synching, the size of a good small car has doubled once again — this time to around $20,000.