2008 Mercedes Benz GL

By Joe Tralongo Nobody likes to be labeled a size-queen, but let’s face it: bigger is better. Alas, many a lavender letter has been pinned to the chest of Mercedes-Benz owners forced to switch brands for their seven-passenger SUV needs….

2008 Volvo XC70

Wagon’s Ho by Joe Tralongo “The wheels on the car go round and round, all through the town.” Recognize it? It’s the annoyingly catchy lyric accompanying Volvo’s all-wheel-drive XC70 ad campaign. It sticks in your head and refuses to leave,…

2007 MINI Cooper

MINImize Mundanity By Joe LaMuraglia Ever since joining the ranks of the gay-friendly brands on Gaywheels.com, MINI has become one of the more popular brands researched on the site. Taking that data into consideration, we made sure we were able…

2008 Volvo C30

See Me, See You, C30 by Scott Corlett In recent years, the conventional wisdom in automotive design shops was that Americans want to hunker down in fortified vehicles-less glass and more metal (think the Chrysler 300). The irony is that…

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Eight Family-Friendly Haulers

Family-Friendly Haulers - Toyota Highlander

With more lesbian and gay couples raising families, the community’s car-buying habits have altered radically. The safety-conscious kid hauler is quickly replacing the flashy sports car. Below is a small sampling of some family-friendly vehicles assembled by the good folks at Gaywheels.com. Each carries at least six-passengers, is priced within reach of most middle-class households and is built by a gay-friendly company (gay-friendly status is determined by whether or not a company offers domestic partner benefits to both its corporate and factory employees here in the United States).

Team G.L.A.M. – We Made It!

Team G.L.A.M. - the first out GLBT rally team takes part in the Fireball Run

Well, we made it. While I would have preferred that we claimed overall victory in the inaugural Fireball Run (we came in 11th overall), I am very pleased with our final results. The score was based on a multitude of factors and to be very honest, the rules kept changing as the event progressed. When you get 45+ teams of highly competitive individuals, loopholes will be found and rules will be challenged.

Team G.L.A.M. – The Final Challenge

What Happens in Vegas…… You know the saying….”What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. Well, I’d like to propose a new slogan. It would read “Vegas – Trying to Make Gay Men Straight”. I can’t go into all the details…

Team G.L.A.M. – Day Seven

That’s “Mr. Faggot” to You When we started this race, my partner pointed out that we’d be driving through the deep South with Gaywheels.com and Glee.com stickers on our car and that we might encounter some trouble. To be perfectly…